Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent

Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

Having a trusting and open relationship with your insurance agent is essential so you make the best decisions about your insurance coverage. An independent agent may be the right move for you, depending on your needs. Our independent agents at I & E Insurance Agency in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, are here to help you navigate your coverage options.

What Is an Independent Agent?

An independent agent differs from a captive agent because they can sell from multiple insurance companies to find you the best coverage in the area. A captive agent can sell only their company’s product. If you have specific coverage needs, an independent agent may be better for you.

What Are the Benefits of an Independent Agent?

Independent insurance can help you receive the right coverage for your needs. Not every company will be able to meet your needs. An independent agent can provide benefits other agents cannot, such as multiple quotes. Multiple quotes can help you compare premiums rates with ease since you’ll have your agent as one point of contact versus reaching out to multiple insurance companies.

An independent agent works for you as a communicator between you and your insurer. Since they work for you, they will provide the best possible service to keep your business.

If you’re considering an independent agent, reach out to us today.

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