How to Keep Your Classic Car in Great Shape

Apr 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Start  Your Engines

Classic Car Season is here and Classic car owners take great pride in their vehicles, often going for lengthy weekend drives and entering specialized car shows. But maintaining these cars isn’t always as simple as maintaining a modern car. Many people think that letting a classic car rest in a garage is a good way to protect it, but cars are made to be driven.

In fact, classic cars that go un-driven will begin to deteriorate faster than those that are regularly driven. 

What Happens Inside Your Classic Car? 

When a vehicle is left alone in a garage, mice and other critters can nest inside the hood and make meals out of internal components. Additionally, metal parts can rust, seals can crack and a variety of other damages can occur. The best way to prevent this damage is to drive your classic car.

Driving Your Classic Car 

A running engine spreads a coat of motor oil throughout the car’s internal parts, which helps protect the inner workings from corrosion and oxidation. However, to maintain this natural protection, your classic car needs a good drive at least once or twice per month.

Choose a nice day, free of rain or other inclement weather, in order to give your classic car a smooth ride. Start out slow and steady while the engine warms up; older cars don’t have as much pick-up-and-go as newer cars. After a brief warm up period, gradually ease into a steady cruising speed and drive for at least 20 minutes to ensure that a fresh protective coat of oil has circulated throughout the engine components. If you are going to leave your classic car for longer periods of time, make sure you disconnect the battery so it doesn’t drain and empty the gas tank,

And just as with a modern car, your classic car must be insured before you hit the road, But Normal Insurance companies will not insure your classic car for the market or pre-determined value but will cover it at a depreciated cost basis- There much to know, Call Your independent insurance agent, we can help you get started.

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