Limousine Insurance

Protect The Safety of Your Passengers With The Right Limousine Coverage.

Understanding the Insurance Needs of Limousine Driving Services.

Limousine businesses provide services to a diverse clientele in various circumstances. A comprehensive insurance portfolio is vital to protecting your company, employees, drivers and passengers.

The insurance experts at I&E Insurance Agency use their combined 80 years of experience to help businesses like yours in the Point Pleasant area acquire the proper collection of protection.

What Insurance Coverages Do Limousine Services Need?

Limousine services and their employees must be prepared for unexpected events. Given the many situations you and your drivers may find themselves in, it’s necessary to account for many different risks. In most cases, an adequate insurance portfolio for limousine businesses should include the following coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability—If your company is found at fault for an accident that caused physical harm, this coverage may help pay for resulting medical expenses.
  • Property damage liability—If another party’s property is damaged and your company is held liable, this coverage can provide financial assistance for damages.
  • Collision insurance—If your vehicles are damaged in a collision with other vehicles or objects, this coverage can help pay for repairs.
  • Comprehensive insurance—This coverage can provide restitution if your vehicles suffer damage from means other than a collision, such as vandalism or severe weather.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance—If your vehicle is damaged in a collision but the at-fault party lacks proper coverage to pay for your repairs, this coverage will provide aid.
  • Commercial property insurance—This type of coverage can help your company pay for damages or losses to owned or rented property you use to operate your business, including structures, equipment, tools, signage and furniture.
  • Garage liability insurance—If your company operates a garage or repair shop, this coverage may help limit damages and losses that occur there.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance—This can cover medical costs, lost income and restitution for employees who are injured at work or develop a work-related illness.

How Much Does Coverage Cost? 

Like most insurance policies, the cost of adequate coverage for your limousine service will depend on several factors. Our agents will consider the following:

  • Coverage limits and deductibles.
  • Location and destinations.
  • Vehicle details (e.g., size, value, age).
  • History of your drivers.

Get the Right Coverage 

During everyday operations, limousine services and their employees can encounter many scenarios, some of which may be unexpected. Amid such uncertainty, it’s necessary to be prepared.

I&E Insurance Agency is eager to help your business assess its insurance needs and acquire optimal coverage. Contact us today to get started.

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