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Dental health is an integral part of a person’s overall wellness. Many tooth- and mouth-related conditions can have devastating effects on the rest of your body and your livelihood. With that in mind, you should take the time to understand dental insurance.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental insurance can provide policyholders access to various medical services related to their dental health, including regular checkups, X-rays and fillings. After determining the details of your coverage, regular premium payments will allow you to access financial assistance that could be crucial in managing a dental condition. Many people obtain dental insurance through a more extensive health insurance plan, although it may also be possible to acquire coverage as a standalone policy.

When considering dental insurance, you should familiarize yourself with the following key terms to ensure that you understand your coverage:

  • Premium—This term refers to the regular amount that you must pay to maintain your dental coverage.
  • Deductible—This is how much you will have to spend out of pocket in a plan year before your coverage will begin to contribute.
  • Co-pay—This refers to the amount you will need to contribute for various dental treatments or services.
  • Co-insurance—This determines what percentage of the total cost for a covered dental procedure will be paid for by your provider.
  • Annual maximum—This term refers to the maximum amount of financial aid that your dental policy will be able to provide within a single plan year.

What Is Covered By Dental Insurance? 

When you have adequate dental insurance, your coverage may be able to help you pay for many expenses related to your dental health. In many cases, dental plans may provide financial assistance for the following:

  • Regular checkups and cleanings.
  • X-rays.
  • Fillings.
  • Crowns.
  • Root canals.
  • Dentures.
  • Braces.
  • Surgical extractions.
  • Dental implants.

The services that are included and covered by your dental insurance will depend on the details of your policy.

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost? 

Like most types of insurance, the cost of dental coverage can vary. Most plans can be categorized into two levels:

  • High coverage—This type of dental policy generally includes higher premiums but lower copays and deductibles. As such, your regular (e.g., monthly) payments for coverage will be greater, but you will pay less out of pocket for dental care.
  • Low coverage—With lower regular premiums but higher copays and deductibles, these plans mean that you won’t have to spend as much to maintain dental coverage but should expect more significant costs for dental services.

Get The Right Coverage 

Good oral hygiene and wellness are essential for good health. In addition to regular checkups and preventive care, you may eventually require more expensive services, such as cavities, crowns and root canals. Without adequate dental coverage, you will have to pay for these out of pocket to maintain your health, which could have significant financial ramifications.

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