Coastal Home Insurance New Jersey

A New Look At Coastal Home Insurance.

Is Your home within 5 Miles of NJ Beaches, Bays and coastline?

Then you AND the Owners of I & E Insurance who also live near the Beach both have the same problem–Insurance companies walking away from insuring homes as the costs of protecting your Home and businesses skyrocket.

Unfortunately, New Jersey Insurance is going through the same insanity as Florida,   as companies have dropped out of offering coverage and are increasing their prices. Recently as many as a Dozen companies left NJ in 2023 and several others just stopped taking any new business while a few others just sold their customers to other companies who then stopped taking new business. Talk about Aggravation!

There are many reasons for the higher costs: Inflation, higher interest rates, politics, increased claims, lingering effects from the Virus, and higher prices for reinsurance. Whatever the reason, as a Homeowner all you care about is getting the best coverage at the fairest price.

Despite the insanity infecting the NJ Insurance Market right now, Our agency specializes in Coastal Home and Business Insurance and we have several companies that want your business. So give us a call 732-295-5584 – Our Two Owners have over 80 years combined experience and together with Our support staff we can help protect your home at an affordable price. Additionally some companies will give discounts if you have Mutiple lines of business with us. They view the Agency relationship with customers more constructively as that personal attention and service can help with risk management. And if your primary home is not near the Beach we have dozens of companies that can help you.  So allow us to show you a One Stop Solution- One Agency to manage your home, business and vacation properties. Check out our reviews online.

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