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Allow us to help you! With over 70+ years experience Our Owners can help you get the right policy to protect your family and allow your loved ones to move on and pay the bills.

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Final Expense Insurance Basics---
After a family member passes, the  family is left with sadness, pain suffering and issues that
No One may have planned for. Close family members don't even have the time to grieve
before the bills come in. Worrying about money shouldn't be the concern of family of
the deceased at this horrible moment of grief, especially when you can plan for it now!

Will you leave the burden of your death on the backs of your spouse or children? 

Shortly after the funeral, whoever is named responsible for handling the estate, even a small estate, may need to settle debts, clean out a home, or handle dozens of other matters that crop up after a death. The truth of the matter: this time after a death of a loved one consumes a lot of time, and often, it requires a lot of money.

The Need For Final Expense Insurance

All of these expenses, from the funeral to making sure affairs are put in order properly, are called final expenses.

The reality is that many families are not exactly prepared for the burial costs, much less all of the other expenses.
Lets face facts--- most Elderly people often have to live on very tight budgets after retirement; they don't have the expected thousand of dollars required to pay for the funeral much less anything else that may crop up. So what happens?  It gets left on the back of children or a spouse.

Now add the possibility of losing time from work, the need to travel or house guests, and all the other details, and there are always plenty of them---
The result add it all up---Severe financial and emotional strain. But a little planning today, and a small solution to this for many families
is a product called final expense insurance.

Consider the fact about average American Funerals:  The cost of an average US funeral in 2016 in NJ : Over $9,000

Final expense insurance has been specifically designed as an affordable alternative
and simple way for families to plan for all final expenses and not just the funeral and burial. Now if we all bought cheap life insurance when we were young and actually kept it, well we wouldn't have to worry about it now in our declining years, But if you let that policy exopire, lapse or found the way to spend the money you thought you'd have, well there still is something that can help you plan for the Eventuality we will all share...

So How Does Final Expense Insurance Work?

These final expense plans, sometimes called burial policies, are actually small and simple whole life policies from top life insurance companies.
Small policies, can be good as they are affordable and the consumer will actually get what they are promised.

These are how typical final expense insurance plans work:

  • Cash benefits: These plans quickly pay cash to the beneficiaries after the death of the insured person.
  • Amount of benefit: Typical policies offer from $5,000 to $50,000 in death benefits, so they can be customized for a family’s needs.
  • Qualifying: The plans are usually open to applicants from about 50 years old to over age 85 in some case.
  • Health questions: Some ask a few health questions, but some ask none at all and accept all qualified applicants.
  • Guaranteed - even if you are in poor health and been declined before, there are alternatives available.
  • FIXED COST- Most of the plans we offer have a price that's guaranteed never to change, so you can budget-

Once on auto pay through your bank--- you set it and forget it, just make sure the family has the details!

    The Cost of Final Expense Insurance

One thing we all want to know, What does it cost, will the price change? And no matter what the cost,
And if you do nothing today how will you pay for the burial 5-10, 20 or more years down the road?

This is a typical Quote from ONE OF THE COMPANIES AVAILABLE IN OUR OFFICE, this is an example, your situation will differ, so call for a quote. NJ female, 65 years old, NON SMOKER- Cost per month---

  • $5,000 in cash benefits: $22.07
  • $10,000 in cash benefits: $41.54
  • $20,000 in cash benefits: $80.48
  • $30,000 in cash benefits: $119.42

So can you find at least a dollar a day to help your family from the pain of your loss especially when theres NO money
to properly care for your departure?

Please note: These are example quotes, Rates will vary because of the Sex, age, use of tobacco, and health.

Now if you don't do this, how many months will you have to save 50 per month before you aheva enough to pay for a funeral? Or if you don't need the money, leave it to a love one and provide a legacy?

So how do you get started? Call us today at 732-295-5584

Well the first step- decide if you want help? As Agents we help Our clients make educated decisions,
We will provide you will the information and alternatives from a variety of companies so you can make a decision without any pressure.
We'll help you navigate  the Various plans and even find You a Policy if you have some illness or disease that stops most Insurance
companies from providing coverage. So call us at 732-295-5584 to get the facts.

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