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March 25, 2021

Preparing your Car for Spring

Winter can be harsh on your vehicle, and elements such as ice and snow can cause damage to your car. Make sure that your car is ready for your Spring and Summer plans with these 7 tips:

  1. Change your vehicle’s oil. Changing the oil in your vehicle and keeping it full is essential to the well-being of your car. Winter takes a toll on your vehicle, and the oil is most likely in need of a change after the cold weather. While you should be changing your car’s oil year-round, it is especially crucial to do so in the beginning of Spring.

  2. Inspect your tires. Not only are snow and ice detrimental to your vehicles and tires, but also other Winter elements such as cold air itself. Inspect features of your tires such as air pressure, rotation, and alignment to ensure that they are safe and in top condition.

  3. Make sure your air conditioning is good to go. Nothing is worse than a broken air conditioning system in your car on a hot day. Before the weather starts to heat up, inspect your vehicle’s AC to ensure that it is in proper shape. It is also recommended to regularly run your car’s air conditioning to keep it active, even during the colder Winter months.

  4. Check the battery. There is never a bad time to check your car’s battery, especially after Winter, which can cause the battery to drain even quicker. We recommend checking it regularly. Many auto parts shops even offer complimentary battery checks. The last thing you would want during a roadtrip with your family would be for your vehicle’s battery to fail.

  5. Get a car wash. Substances such as ice and road salt can damage not only your vehicle’s paint job, but also the undercarriage. Be sure to visit a car wash that can thoroughly clean all sides of your car, even underneath.

  6. Check your brakes. Brakes, as well as brake fluid, must be regularly maintained and inspected. Brake checks are another complimentary service offered by many auto shops.

  7. Make sure that your vehicle is properly insured. No two cars or vehicle owners are the same, so it is important to make sure that your auto insurance is a proper fit for your needs and cost range. Get in touch with a reliable insurance agency such as I & E Insurance Agency to ensure that you are getting the best coverage possible before taking any roadtrips this Spring.

We hope that these 7 tips help you prepare your car for warmer weather and plans with family and friends. I & E Insurance Agency wishes you and your loved ones a happy Spring!


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