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October 31, 2014

Low Interest rates, Low Gas Prices, Bad Politics?

Happy Halloween, is it a Trick or a Treat?

Right now as we write, the stock markets are racing even higher as Interest rates are near historical lows, and Gas Prices are dropping. Today is Halloween — did the American markets got a real treat? The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an ALL Time high as The Japanese Central Bank pronounced that they were doing their own Quantitative Easing (QE) and forcing interest rates down and buying bonds and all kinds of financial instruments. The Dow Jones Industrials responded by ending up 195 points to approx 17390. Just two weeks ago the markets were falling under fears from Ebola and terrorists attacks. Yet 9 days later, all time highs! Talk about a roller coaster.

Now to some of us who take an active interest in the financial markets, we have to wonder what the hell were the Japanese thinking.
Is this just another way to manipulate the markets to go higher? Where are the real jobs, where will they come from? Because with all these low interest rates it sure hasn’t happened in the USA where the Federal Reserve has been manipulating markets with low interest rates for the last 6 years. Yes, you heard that right, we believe the Federal Reserve and The DC Politicians have kept interest rates low for political purposes. The economy isn’t growing, with all that QE, and despite all the new technology –real economic growth has been dead. New technologies are destroying jobs by making and producing things more efficiently. Read your History, it’s been true for years, but the folks in DC don’t understand that. DC politicians believe that Bigger Government solves all problems. And now they want a raise in the minimal wage, to buy VOTES.

Are they nuts? Wake UP DC, the minimum wage is the minimum for a reason, if people are thinking they can get married, own a house, raise kids all on the minimum wage, they’re dreaming. The minimum wage gets you started, it’s not a career.  Yet all we hear is poor people can’t survive on the minimum wage—-NO KIDDING! – they aren’t supposed to- iTS A START- they are supposed to get training AND Get an education, learn a trade- Government is responsible for setting an Agenda or system to allow that to happen, NOT to make it happen. Yet all we hear Is the minimum wage should be $15-20 dollars an hour. Good Luck with that! watch McDonald’s develop Restaurants with less people.  Just recently a new mechanical system was shown to build custom made burgers faster and cleaner than current methods, and it will save big money. Machines don’t need health insurance, or call in sick etc. By raising minimum wages we are hurting the people the Politicians claim to help… then, there’s Inflation, just watch it  jump. And  watch those jobs disappear. Any one with half a memory can remember when it cost 25 cents to go through a toll, 50 cents for a hamburger, 89 cents for gas, 50 cents for a newspaper, It wasn’t that long ago ! Technology is replacing workers everywhere. Look what it has done to the Auto Industry. Raising the minimum wage will help produce a force work with no education, and no furture.   Its bad enough we have state and federal jobs who forgot about competition.

So where the hell is the growth in the economy that was promised by increasing our debt again and again with QE? Where are the new jobs? Almost 49% of all America are getting some form of handout from welfare disability or Food Stamps. We have the most dependent and untrained supply of potential workers in our history. And it’s because of Liberal policies that find excuses but fail to find solutions.  We can see the results of bad economics by looking at the Japanese, whose markets have been basically flat for over the 20 years —their economy has been stagnant. Could America be far behind? There are those of us who feel the US Economy has been for too long influenced by Politics and cheap money. That the Federal Reserve and Political Parties have thrown everything they can believing cheap money will move the economy. It doesn’t —Unfortunately cheap money eventually will lead to high inflation. And with all that cheap money the US Economy is still flat, and in fact is one of the slowest recovery on record. Obamacare and MORE governmental regulations have created uncertainty along with higher taxes and lack of faith in the system.

Thus as we look  at DC with its lack of responsibility and leadership, business has slowed to a crawl. Can you blame them, why should American Business spend big dollars when they don’t understand the system, how they will pay for expansion- will the rules get changed again. Let’s face facts,under President Obama our economy has been flat, the stock market has moved up because interest rates are low, and business isnt investing in its future. The stock Markets have gone up, but are the average worker or middle class family feeling it? Small businesses who create the majority of new jobs, are not hiring. And those in power in Washington DC, who’ve never had a real job, are telling us the Government is the creator of wealth and Jobs. L
ast week we heard from Hillary Clinton who came out and proclaimed that Businesses and Corporation do not create jobs? The woman must be having a senior moment, how else to explain the insanity of this statement?
She re-stated just as OBAMA did years ago, that the Government and social community creates jobs NOT entrepreneurs —is this woman nuts? Is she playing up to her supporters by making such a stupid and obviously incorrect statement That’s the problem with those in Washington who never had to work for a living, they live in a bubble. They believe their own BS, become legends in their own minds, they forget the people.

Our country was founded by the belief that it was a responsibility to serve, and they did it for minimal pay.
Yet today we have people who look to see how much more they can get from the Government, how they can benefit from Government, they do everything to get re-elected and feather their own beds. They treat the public like spoiled children- free hand outs to buy votes, not caring about the long term consequences and unfortunately for all of us, they refuse to speak the truth for fear of their own loss.

One things that has been a fantastic positive that fails to get any recognition from Washington, Oil Prices and Gasoline have crashed.  Because of the new method of oil extraction via fracking, the USA is now producing more energy than ever and its forcing prices lower as supplies have gone up despite all the attacks by environmentalists and Policitans  who have attacked the Keystone PIPELINE and the coal industry for political reasons under the pretense of environmental concerns. Ya gotta love those liberals who have 20,000 square foot homes, drive huge cars and jet all over the world in private aircraft, yet proclaim that everyday average hardworking people should use less energy and be taxed more!

When are we gonna wake up and get rid of politicians who are only concerned about themselves and the power they steal. My bet this election day —the real voter, the workers, the bill payers, those who believe in hardwork, family ethics and morality, will vote socialism out, We need to hear from the silent majority!

We deserve politicians who tell the truth no matter whether they are independents, Democrats or Republican.
The citizens of this country deserve to know the facts and the TRUTH, even if we don’t want to hear how bad it is.

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