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June 13, 2019

Its Hurricane and Flood Season—Are you Ready?

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(Point Pleasant NJ June 14 ,2019)


Its Hurricane Season Are you ready?


Its Hurricane and Flood Season and if you’ve been watching the news online and TV, there are stories from all over the USA about bad weather, flooding and property  damage. The Best time to get Flood Insurance is before you need it, but like everything else the things yopu need are different from the things you want. You need Flood Insurance, every property in the USA is in a Flood Zone, whether its high risk or low risk. Getting flood Insurance provides peace of mind. Recently several Insurance companies have partnered with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to close the flood insurance gap from coast to coast. The National Flood Insurance Program recently launched a special marketing Campaign including social media posts and informational resources. Home owners and potential victims ( we are all potential victims to flooding) should use these materials in their conversations with their agents and the determination of the potential losses they can face this season.

Recent hurricanes such as Florence, Michael, Harvey, Irma and Maria caused more than $200 billion in damage. Flooding can happen anywhere and not just in high risk areas. 98% of counties in the U.S. have experienced a flood. More than 20 percent of flood insurance claims are from properties outside of high risk areas. One of the most important steps home and business owners can take to recover faster and more fully after a disaster is to buy flood insurance. 


You may be shocked and surprised to learn that Flood damages more homes in the USA than any other natural disaster and Home Insurance does NOT-EVER cover Flood Damage. Flood Insurance policies are generally sold through separate Governmental programs mostly offered though the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Flood insurance policies typically take 30 days to go into effect.  There are new programs out there that can save you money right here in NJ and with Real time processing – most quotes can processed within minutes. Residential limits up to $250,000 building/$100,000 contents and Commercial limits up to $500,000 building/$500,000 content are generally available. Excess Flood quotes are available through our office by Lloyd’s of London.  Paperless documents are also available.


Available to homeowners, condo owners, landlords, business owners and renters, flood insurance may cover:

  1.  Furniture, clothing and other belongings
  2.  Certain cleanup expenses
  3. Damages to your heating and cooling system
  4.  Repair or replacement of flooring

How much does flood insurance cost?

 The cost of flood insurance can vary depending on a number of factors including: 

  1.  Most importantly, your flood risk. Areas with a higher risk of flooding will have a higher flood insurance cost.
  2.  The amount of possessions you’re protecting with your new flood insurance coverage.
  3.  The type of property you are protecting; primary residence, nonresidential property or second homes.
  4. Considering all of these factors, the average cost of flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program is about $700 per year.
  5. Homes and Business in coastal areas can be much higher . The cost fro your policy involves not only your zone but your properties elevation, flood vents and geographic considerations. That’s why a Flood elevation certificate from an approved flood engineer will help you get you pin point costs.


More information available upon request.


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