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September 13, 2018

Flooding and Hurricanes You can be prepared!

Sept 10, 2018


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2018 Hurricane Season is in Full Force, Harsh NJ Weather Continues…


 (Point Pleasant NJ Sept 10 2018)

Summer 2018 has been wet and wild effecting coastal properties, especially those bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast of the Continental US which has been hit hard by tropical storms and flooding. Right here in New Jersey, residents of Brick NJ got hit by heavy rains that caused flooding in several communities and caused the displacement of 100 families in a senior community that never saw flooding before, local downtown business centers were hit hard with fallen trees with many flooded or crushed cars. Many residents of the Brick Community blame the NJ State Department of Transportation for the recent Garden State Parkway improvements and its effect on drainage but that doesn’t change the fact that 8 inches of rain fell in just a few short hours. And as this article is being written a monster storm is once again threatening the East Coast from Maryland to Florida. Hurricane Florence promises to deliver a generation storm with an insane amount of rain.

So no matter where you live in NJ,  Have a plan in place in the event a storm strikes.

Here are a few important ways you can prepare for a hurricane:

  • Follow the local news: One of the most important things you can do is watch or listen to local news for any major updates that will surely arise throughout the storm. You want to have all of the information available in order to make the decision of whether to bunker down in your home or attempt to evacuate the area. The news will help you gauge the current conditions. And that includes having your Cell phones charged and extra batteries for a portable radios. If cell towers are knocked down chances are your phone may not work that’s why a portable radio is even more important.
  • Have an escape plan: Be a BOY SCOUT , be prepared have an escape plan, before any storm begins. There will likely be chaos throughout a hurricane, so your family needs to know exactly what your plans are in the event of an emergency. This way you will know that each family member is as safe and prepared as possible.
  • Purchase a generator: Having an outside generator available in your home and the fuel to last a week is so important when you lose your power, which is quite likely if the hurricane is severe. Purchase one that is strong enough to withstand hard wear and tear and keep your essential appliances and devices in service. Power could be out for an extended period of time. So preparing for no electric for as long as 2 weeks is a good idea.
  • Check Your Insurance coverage: Make sure  your coverage reflects the current value of your home, Consider adding flood insurance for the dwelling and contents, remember that items stored in a garage and basement are typically not covered by Flood Insurance, so check with your agent for details.
  • Have a Home inventory:  Make a list of or all your items and contents and store that information  on some cloud based program so verifying and making claims can be easier , take pictures and videos of everything and file receipts on the cloud as well. 
  • Protect your Property: Consider installing Hurricane Shutters or 3/4 plywood on windows, use Head and foot bolts for extra protection.
  • Hurricane Straps and Flood Vents can make a big difference in the cost of your insurance as well as preparing your home for the storm lowering the potential for losses. Flood vents can help quicken the reduction in water under your home as the water flows out.
  • Stock an Eergency Supply kit with survival items– Have a 2 week supply of food and water ready available, fill up your bathtub with water for drinking or toilet use and fill up your washing machine with ice. 


Its never too late to create a plan and be ready for any emergencies, that’s why its important to know more about your Insurance options and how your Insurance company can help you. Call your local Trusted Choice and Professional Insurance Agent at I & E Insurance Agency for more info 732-295-5584 or email us for more info

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