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August 1, 2018

Data Breaches are occurring everywhere- Are you protecting your data ?


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August 1, 2018


Data Breaches are occurring everywhere-  Are you protecting your data ?

Hacking is occurring all the time and not one day goes by that we don’t here word of Russian hacking of democratic websites or voting polls, but what about us the average joes and local business, what can we do about it. As reported in today’s news  by Karen Wall, Patch Staff | Aug 1, 2018

Jersey Mike’s Warns Customers of External Data Breach

Some customers received emails forcing them to change their passwords after activity indicated some had been personally compromised.

WALL. NJ — Customers of Jersey’s Mike’s who have accounts with the company are being advised to change their passwords after the company detected issues with some users’ accounts.  “Jersey Mike’s was not the source of  any  breach,” the company said in a statement on its website. The company said it sent “a select number” of Jersey Mike’s customers an email asking them to reset their passwords because of the breach.

The email sent to customers, a copy of which was forwarded to Patch reads: “We believe your email address and/or password may have been obtained by an unauthorized party – not from Jersey Mike’s – but from a compromised account you have with another website or online service where you used the same credentials. As a result, your Jersey Mike’s account may have been accessed without your authorization, or such access may be attempted in the future.” “To help protect your account, we have disabled your password,” the email says, with instructions for resetting the passwordIt also recommends that users check other online accounts they have with other companies and organizations to make sure they have not been compromised. Digital security experts urge consumers to avoid using the same username and password for multiple accounts and urge people to change their passwords regularly to prevent hacking of their accounts.  You also can check to see if any of your email accounts have been compromised by visiting the website Have I Been Pwned (click here), a site that tracks data breaches.

As insurance professionals we can help you with the liability of a data breach. Cyber security insurance protects your business from targeted attacks and loss of data from carelessness like a lost computer laptop or the data breach from a theft of a computer or the hacking of data from your website and the malicious hacking from software. Any company who has employees or is in possession of sensitive client information is vulnerable. You need a security strategy to prevent, detect and mitigate risk. This includes educating your employees about the importance of cyber security, monitoring of critical networks, reviewing response plans for emerging threats, and insuring against financial risk with a stand-alone cyber policy.

Today’s business technology opens a world of possibilities but also raises some cyber security concerns. Threats of data breaches and computer hacks are real for all businesses, yet according to the 2018 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report™, seven in ten businesses aren’t prepared for a cyber-attack. While big firms incur the highest costs in the aggregate, the fiscal impact of cyber-attacks is disproportionately greater for small businesses.

With hackers becoming bolder and cyber-attacks getting bigger and more frequent every year, business owners must take control of their computer security and protect themselves. Cyber security insurance provides small businesses the coverage they need to protect one of their most valuable assets – data. A cyber security insurance policy is designed to cover privacy, data, and network exposures, to offer a computer security solution and give you peace of mind. Since cyber security is one of the fastest growing and changing risks in the world today, both cyber novices and smart and tech-savvy business owners can feel empowered with a policy that protects against hacks, data breaches, or other types of cyber security events.

The list of regulations and statutes continues to expand regarding the use and protection of cyber security information, as well as notification requirements in the event of a breach. As cyber exposures continue evolving, so will your need to ensure that your business is protected if an attack occurs.

It’s time to sit down with an insurance professional and identify your potential risks, map out a plan and quote a policy that can cover you from the serious litigation that can develop after a hacking or data breach, call us at I & E Insurance today for a quote 732-295-5584   

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