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October 31, 2019

Dangerous Driving in the Fall


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With the changing weather, there are more dangers that can appear on the road. With rain and fog, leaves and sun glare, and deer, there can be a number of new obstacles that can impede on your safety. Here are some tips for dangerous driving in the fall.

Rain & Fog

The changing weather conditions of the fall create some added risks to the road. There are many nights of rain and fog and as the temperature drops, frost begins to coat the ground at night. In the fog, set your headlights to low beams, which aims the lights down toward the pavement. Drive slowly and brake gently. When driving on bridges and overpasses, be especially vigilant – frost develops more quickly on these surfaces. Using caution during hazardous driving conditions is a surefire way to protect yourself on the road.


As leaves begin to fall, they accumulate on these roads and can become wet and slippery. Driving in these conditions can be just as dangerous as driving on ice, and of course, if the temperature drops below freezing, frozen wet leaves pose an even bigger threat. Traction can be lost, leaves can cover painted road markings, and you might lose the location of your lanes. It’s important to take the necessary steps to practice driving safety.

  • Slow down when driving on leave covered roads
  • Keep a greater distance between you and cars in front of you
  • Exercise caution as leaves make it difficult to see potholes and bumps
  • Use caution when going around turns
  • Never drive through leaf piles
  • Keep your windshield leaf-free
  • Never park your car over a pile of leaves

Sun Glare

As the sun moves closer to the horizon it points right into your eyes, which means it’s more likely to reflect off of cars, buildings, and windows. Wear sunglasses and don’t look directly into the lights of oncoming traffic at night. Clean your windshield in order to keep dirt streaks from contributing to the glare.


According to PennDot, “autumn brings an increase in deer activity.” This is because fall is deer breeding season, which means that they move around more and travel greater distances to seek their mates. It’s so important to watch carefully for deer darting across and along roadways. They’re most active between sunset and sunrise, so it’s particularly important to be vigilant in these times. Slow down and use caution when one deer crosses as often, they move in small herds and will follow along.

Dangerous Driving in the Fall

Always drive defensively and keep up with vehicle maintenance (i.e. replace worn windshield wipers, keep your headlights cleaned, have your oil changed and your brakes maintained.) Also, keep an emergency car safety kit inside of your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

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