2. Time for AC Tune UP

Here in NJ, it can warm up early. Already in April we’ve seen several 80 plus degree days. If you are anything like this author, Your A/C unit is a lifeline during those heated summer months saving one from insanity.  So the last thing you want is the AC unit going on the fritz just when you need it most in the middle of those 90+ heat waves. Be preemptive, Get an AC tune-up. A professional can check for damage or leaks and make sure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible.

3. Change your Winter Sheets and Bed Coverings.

This one is just common sense, and should be obvious, but while wool and flannel sheets and blankets may keep you warm during the winter, they don’t make much sense even if your like my brother in law who keeps the temperature of his house so cold, I swear he could hang meat waiting for a butcher. Look for sheets and bed spreads with light cottons and materials that contain Nanotex and others that work best to give you a cool nights sleep and reduced sweating.

4. Install a clothesline:

Want to save money on your energy bill while taking advantage of the summer sun? Installing a clothesline will allow you to skip the dryer, with the costs and heat that come from it, while also allowing you to capture the smell of line-dried sheets and towels. There are many different styles and types of clothes lines for you to install, so there will definitely be one that works for your family.

 5. Keep the bugs out:

Summer time we like to open doors and windows and we know what crawls and flies through them! So ensure you are not spending your summertime swatting flies, be sure to install your window and door screens. Check the screens for any kind of damage and repair or replace them if needed. While you have your screens out of your windows, you can also wash them with a little soap and water.

And enjoy the Summer of 2017