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Brick NJ 08723, Guaranteed Income for Life in NJ?

It's True-- your money can grow at 7% and even 8% in today's environment and then provide life time guaranteed income. Fixed Indexed Hybrid Annuities can help you earn higher rates of return without the risk of principal in the stock Market. Unfortunately, most agents and most consumers do not uderstand that the 8% is NOT available in a lump sum removal, but your future income can be created on this roll-up... In this prolonged environment of low interest rates you must do your homework, the good news--- we can help you clear up all the noise and get the facts, and help your IRA Rollover or investable funds grow without the risk. The bad news--- read and understand the details!

Don't be fooled by big numbers being thrown around, these programs have a lot of moving parts, you need guidance and explanations that Your
Trusted Choice® Agent can provide ----

Just remember what your mom always told you… “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…” so learn the facts...

Income Riders make a Big difference!

What makes a hybrid annuity different from any other annuity? The income rider!

I'm sure you've heard and heard or seen the advertisements – "5%, 6% or even 8% guaranteed. Call today!"
Unfortunately, the limitations are not explained in most advertisements. So, there are many misconceptions about income riders and how they work. Look before you jump.

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I & E Insurance Agency    our (2) owners have 70+ years experience and are familiar with these income programs. They will help you get the facts!​​​​​​​

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